The new St. Michael’s website is nearing completion, so there be no better way to open the new site than with a poem written by a long standing member of the church congregation.

The Four Seasons Of Flowers

When winter bites and cold winds blow, me thinks this year will we have snow,
Then further thoughts of spring appear,
With subtle colours and snowdrops in their white robes adhere to the morning dew,
Then after spring comes summers blinding show, their spectacle of colours
Dramatic, flamboyant taking us into autumn,
When red and gold and hews of brown cover the branches and lay upon the ground,
All covered up in some cosy eiderdown, asleep in winters crown.

Written by Thelma Harry

One thought to “Poem – The Four Seasons Of Flowers”

  • Shelly

    Such a magnificent heart felt poem, very talented lady.


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