Ride ‘N’ Stride 2016

We embarked at 10 o’clock in the morning, starting at St. Michael’s church. We rode from Aveley to Orsett, stopping at South Ockendon, North Ockendon and Bulphan. The team of 7, with the youngest rider at only 7 years old rode this route to raise money for Friends of Essex churches.

Riders at St. Michael's
Riders ready to embark on the journey.

Andrew, Edward, Austin, Andy, Faith, Confidence and Eleanor took to the bike routes to raise money, being sponsored by friends and family.

The leader of the group, the “fearless” Andrew Hails was quoted on the ride.

“I’m looking forward to my cream tea!”

The 22 mile route covers many rural churches around Thurrock, and definitely gives a great challenge!

The younger members stopped at Orsett, taking a lift home in the “service car” leaving 4 riders to complete the route.

The final 4 riders.
The final 4 riders.

Andy, Austin, Andrew and Edward continued towards Grays, aiming to finish the entire course.

Time looked tight, as St. Mary’s Church North Stifford stopped serving cream tea at 4pm, leaving Andrew greatly troubled whilst we passed through Chafford Hundred.

We cycled onwards and turning the corner, the last church came into view.

Just on time, 3:43pm. Andrew was delighted.

Andrew, enjoying his Cream Tea
Andrew, enjoying his Cream Tea

Thanks to all the riders that took part and also all friends and family that sponsored this year’s Ride ‘N’ Stride.

1 thought on “Ride ‘N’ Stride 2016”

  1. This is the first report by the designer of this web site. Who also was part of the team that completed the ride, Well done Edward and the team. A suggestion for the future is that you link with say the Just Giving web site., so that people can sponsor you directly from this web site.


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